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BootCamp/Mentorship Program



***Disclaimer ***

I am NOT an Attorney and cannot provide legal advice



Greetings New Notaries!


We offer Mentorship BootCamp to new notaries and loan signing agents.  This course is an introduction for new notaries who are just commissioned and do not know where to start.   


As your mentor, I will instruct you on how to perform basic notarial acts as it pertains to general notary work (GNW) and how to become a Loan Signing Agent.  During this 4-week BootCamp/Mentorship Program, I will lecture and we will discuss the following subjects as it pertains to how to build a successful notary business, improve your notary skills and proficiency.  I also offer 1:1 sessions (extra cost associated) if you are not a member of the BootCamp.


Mentorship Program – We Show You How To:


  • Get Started After Receiving Your Commission

  • Build Your Notary Business

  • Basic Notarial Acts

  • Become A Loan Signing Agent

  • And many more


Class Features:


  • Four-week hands-on mentorship course for $225 (Beginners)

  • 1:1 mentoring sessions are $75/hour if you're not enrolled in the BootCamp. 

  • Zoom platform classes (live sessions) that are held every Monday @ 5:00PM unless otherwise noted

  • Sessions are from 5:30pm - 7:30pm for the Beginner's Class (Tuesdays). 

  • A new business module each week

  • Course lessons that build upon each other  (Maximum individual and group participation is required)

  • Collaborative discussions are encouraged and expected for a rich environment for learning between the facilitator and the student and between the students and the facilitator.

****There will be no refunds****

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